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3 Industry-Leading Surgery Center Billing Companies

surgery center billingSurgery centers usually encounter their fair share of challenges when handling the complex surgery billing processes on their own. This is because the surgery billing process is complicated and deep, for there are various patient-surgeon dynamics as well as surgery procedures and treatments offered by the surgeons.

Because of these challenges, most surgery centers find value in hiring specialized medical billing companies with expertise in surgery billing. These companies have the experts and tools to do the billing processes effectively and as a result the centers that hire them are able to concentrate on other things. However, amongst these medical billing companies there are some which are able to provide better surgery center billing services than others. This makes it important to know the top medical billing companies and their qualities.

Practice Management

One of the top companies that specializes in providing billing services to surgery centers is Practice Management. This company has been offering these services since 1995 and therefore it has a lot of insight and experience in this line of work. The long experience has allowed the company to create lasting relationships with different medical centers. These relationships are attributed to the company’s believe that the clients and their patients should get the best services.

The employees of Practice Management are properly skilled and they use modern tools to ensure they do the billing efficiently. This company has also been endorsed by a lot of professionals who have benefited from its services. Surgery centers that hire Practice Management leverage the strategic and proven surgery center billing services by Practice Management. The medical centers are just required to provide the relevant information and the company proceeds to do the billing within a short time. This allows the centers to get higher revenues, lower overhead, increased cash flow and the payments are fasters. Patients are also satisfied because they feel that the billing was fair.

Physicians Group Management (PGM)

Another company in the list of the top companies offering surgery billing is Physicians Group Management (PGM). This particular company is rated highly because some of its clients include the most popular medical centers. Having high profile clients show that the company has what it takes to offer billing services to almost any surgery center.

Just like most modern billing companies, PGM use hi-tech tools and techniques to do the billing properly. The company keeps up with technological improvements to ensure it provides the relevant services in a manner that the clients and their patients will get optimum satisfaction. Furthermore, this particular company has won a number of awards and therefore it is rightful one of the top billing companies.


MedValue is also a respected company when it comes to medical billing services. This company has been offering its services for a relatively long time and through this time it has been able to establish itself as a leading company in this line of work. Some of the qualities that make it be regarded amongst the top billing companies include that it is able to specialize in different surgery fields.

This means it bill different types of surgeries differently to ensure the results are accurate. Furthermore, the medical center who hire this company are assured of getting high quality billing services because the company ensures all the details are taken into consideration. This satisfaction is passed on even to the patients because they feel the billing was right and fair. Therefore, any medical center can enjoy the benefits that come with hiring a surgery billing company just by choosing the right company.


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